Surrealistic fantasy; bland boring pain (_your_cocaine) wrote in badmods,
Surrealistic fantasy; bland boring pain

Worst mods EVER

challenging_god (a community made to question/challenge christianity) is run by two hardcore rightwing christian extremists; neven and h1s_songb1rd
Lately they've both become complete nazis about banning.
For instance, I once made a comment about how a christian belief is irrational, h1s_songb1rd takes offense to this and rather than defend her belief she insults my musical tastes, calls me immature and stupid therefore dismissing any challenge I offer from there on out. What??
And a friend of mine (eyes_of_kali) gets banned for absolutely no reason, she rarely posts/comments in there and while she is antagonistic she's never really that bad. At least if she insults you it's on topic. So she asks why she was banned and neven says he doesn't NEED to give anyone a reason because he can ban who he wants.

Firstly if you moderate a community made for challenging your religion, expect your beliefs to be challenged and don't flip out and insult me when I challenge them. Secondly, who decided idiots should own computers in the first place?

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