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bad moderator/maintainer

this person scottcrawford created and runs the wefuckindareyou so-called "review community". but he does more trashing and banning than actual reviewing and many of his reviews, if he ever gets to them are really lazily written and show no effort.

i complained that i wasnt reviewed as soon as others who'd requested after me and was lambasted for being "whiny". things got ugly between me and someone else and i ended up being banned....the whole story here

what mr.crawford likes to do to people he's banned is create "Public Ridicule Threads" where people can assassinate the banned's character and know that they cant post back in their own defense
(ex.1) (ex.2) (ex.3)

recently, mr. crawford has taken to demanding money from his followers for not following his rules (another example here)

clearly it states that in the TERMS OF SERVICE :

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service.

the community is a free account hosted by livejournal.com, while as maintainer he has the right to ban people, he has NO RIGHT to demand money from his members for access to a site that he DOES NOT OWN. to boot the people he "fined" were teenagers and it is a gross negligance of ethics for a grown man to extort money from kids. totally disgusting.

the fact that he bills this as a review community is a farce. basically this is a place for him to play favorites with people who kiss his behind and to ban those who even voice ONE complaint or post he doesnt like. even the most caustic communities where flaming is rampant and common havent stooped to this level of malfiecency and cultish-ness. this communities existance is an insult and a bad example of a real review community. i would consider going elsewhere if you want to be reviewed.

if you ever join this community, be warned that you can be banned for looking at him funny.
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