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when moderators go bad's Journal

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19th January 2008

tiny_josser2:37pm: Amazed By The Horrible
I couldn't believe it.

13th January 2005

_your_cocaine4:24am: Worst mods EVER
challenging_god (a community made to question/challenge christianity) is run by two hardcore rightwing christian extremists; neven and h1s_songb1rd
Lately they've both become complete nazis about banning.
For instance, I once made a comment about how a christian belief is irrational, h1s_songb1rd takes offense to this and rather than defend her belief she insults my musical tastes, calls me immature and stupid therefore dismissing any challenge I offer from there on out. What??
And a friend of mine (eyes_of_kali) gets banned for absolutely no reason, she rarely posts/comments in there and while she is antagonistic she's never really that bad. At least if she insults you it's on topic. So she asks why she was banned and neven says he doesn't NEED to give anyone a reason because he can ban who he wants.

Firstly if you moderate a community made for challenging your religion, expect your beliefs to be challenged and don't flip out and insult me when I challenge them. Secondly, who decided idiots should own computers in the first place?


5th October 2004

digitaldevil2:47pm: ARGH!
I'm about to shoot myself. I *used* to belong to the atlanta community, but no longer. It's been hijacked by ignorant political activists who think it's the perfect place to post their viewpoints. No longer is it a place for people to post goings-on in Atlanta, but it's great if you want to bitch about who is going to win in the upcoming election.

ARGH! If I didn't shave my head I'd be ripping it out right now.

15th September 2004

shamroq2:02pm: I have seen a fair number of horrifying things in this world - nations of starving children, my mother naked (once), and clowns. However, I can say with utmost certainty that I have never been on the cusp or pure, unadulterated terror until I witnessed the mod stylings of xxguildenstern in theentertainers.

Compared to xxguildenstern, Hitler is like a cute and fuzzy bunny rabbit with a baby bonnet on dancing in a field of springtime flowers. He mocks us, he skews everything we say, and he's touched me twice where my bathing-suit covers.

He claims he founded theentertainers for the sole purpose of collecting the finest journals that exist, but unabashedly lets efyiu hang around anyway (I think he might be a retarded cousin or something in real life). We strive day in and day out to keep our journals up to par only to be repeatedly smacked down by his rapier wit and/or billy club.

Worst yet, he has me slave over photoshop for hours on end to produce promotional materials, and doesn't unclamp my hand from the hot-plate until it is done to his liking:

He called a girl "fat" once.

I hate him like I hate chlamydia.

Bad Mod! Baaaaaaaad Mod!

3rd April 2004

7rin12:06pm: The user info. has been updated to mention that all posts to this community must have comments enabled else they will be removed.

27th March 2004

anti_deviantart10:26pm: Banned From anything "Deviant"

You are now a member of the deviantART Community

This community allows posting by all members, so you now have access to post in it...

That community allows posting by all members EXCEPT me.
All I did was own the anti_deviantart and banneddeviants community. I was banned before I even tried to join.

Not only was I banned from deviantARTs LJ, but now I've been banned from the site.

17th March 2004

firewheelvortex10:28am: Bad mods, worse mods, and bad moderation as policy.
Most bad moderation is because of individuals. Moderating a community so that it works is a skill, one underappreciated because it's only noticed when it's lacking.

The best mods moderate by example in public and by email in private. They rarely if ever need to know how to kick or ban someone.

Bad mods know exactly how to kick or ban someone. It's a power trip.

Worse mods use the power a lot, to "enforce community standards." The latter may be true - and there are a lot of people who are attracted to authoritarian standards of community where dissenting voices are not tolerated. However, these insular little communities are rarely very interesting places to be, and the more exclusive they are, the more this tends to be true.

Bad moderation as policy, though, can only happen with a very, very large captive audience, say, on a large ISP/content provider with fora. When it becomes clear that the corporation itself will not allow discussions of ideas, concepts, etc that are contrary to the social and political agendas of the corporation, that is the worst moderation possible.

Of course, it's applied in the small at all times; for example,, persons who have a conflict of interest between being a moderator and profiting from their line of work are often "mods" of fora advancing personal causes. But such folks are hardly a threat to the free speech rights of millions.

Guessing I'm leading somewhere? You'd be correct.

How many people have been kicked from Compuserve or AOL forums, or had unpleasant interchanges with "sysops," having to kiss butt and promise to never, ever do "it" again, where "it" was left deliberately vague?
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23rd December 2003

7rin11:00am: (xposted from my own journal - feel free to pull it if you think it's too insulting for your community).

Well last night got weird, to say the least. spyder made a post t'other day to pagan (among others) to share his Application for a Gift Giving Anthromorphic Personification, us doing the getting into the spirit of the season an' all.

And then with minimum notification (i.e. as it happened), his post was pulled as being off topic!

Me, bitter? Nah... but since we've just been thrown off said community then I'm gonna have my say anyway whether the mod's like it or not.

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26th December 2002

systris7:06pm: bad moderator/maintainer
this person scottcrawford created and runs the wefuckindareyou so-called "review community". but he does more trashing and banning than actual reviewing and many of his reviews, if he ever gets to them are really lazily written and show no effort.

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11th August 2002

miruku12:28am: bad mod: nickolaus of goth

the last big fiasco involving nickolaus started when he was quoted saying "I make vomiting noises around men holding hands with one another -- I get physically ill.
in a chat with another livejournal user. after this was revealed, users started making comments against his viewpoint and leaving goth. i personally critisised the handling of his community; he didn't, and still doesn't understand what the actual purpose of the community he came to moderate was; about the gothic aesthetic, which he has completely failed to understand. he then privately e-mailed me some abuse, which i replied to, then he insulting referred to me in one of his posts, and sent an abusive mail to twentytens.

this about sums up my contact with nickolaus, and i hope he will come to his senses one day and realise that his view point and moderating style are not appropriate at all

21st July 2002

miruku7:57pm: welcome to badmods, the place for reporting and talking about online communities where the mod(s) has done some stupid stuff..
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